CCCC Clinical & Community Professional Development Program Application

The CCPDP aims to support the growth of new and early career clinicians from the disciplines of social work, professional counseling, and marriage & family therapy.  The program seeks to ensure that clinicians are trained equitably, have a focus on the community, and are able to provide high-quality care to all clients.  Individuals interested in gaining invaluable training and supervision as they work toward independent licensure are encouraged to apply. The program requires a graduate degree and the ability to practice at the generalist level under the supervision of a qualified professional.
If you are interested in the program, please complete this form in its entirety and upload additional required documents listed below. Applications are now being accepted.
  • Application form

  • List and/or statement of specific supervision requirements to achieve licensure based on license type, jurisdiction, and past professional experience

  • Professional resume

  • De-identified case presentation, client summary, intake or assessment (can be from school, past employment and/or fictional)

  • 2 professional recommendations

  • Proof of degree and/or transcript

  • Proof of licensure (if applicable)

All applications submitted will be reviewed by the CCPDP Supervisory & Interview Committee.  You will be contacted via email for an interview.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

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If you do not already have your generalist level license, please indicate your anticipated date of licensure (a generalist level license or equivalent is required for the program)

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Statement of Specific Supervision Requirements Based on Jurisdiction, License Type & Past Supervision or Professional Experience

Writing Sample (ex: De-Identified Case Presentation, Client Summary, Intake, Assessment)

Proof of Degree and/or Transcript

Proof of Licensure (if applicable)

Letter of Recommendation #1

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